hey kids!!! this is a blog that i'm going to use because i don't want to post all my gross edits on my main. enjoy:)))))))))

(ps if you don't know who thsi is you're lyign to yourself)

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apologies for not posting more here! i’ll fix that asap. i still have to catch up on eps ://

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leaders lead + contrast

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since i’m totally out of ideas for graphics, how about you guys send some requests this way?

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and i’m glad you could find someone who could do that for you.

(i’m sorry it wasn’t me.)

First I would like to know why this is posted in Millson but with that being said a Dawsey fan said that they are glad they didn’t ruin Mills and Hallie to put Dawsey  together but killing off Hallie and turning Mills into a whiny insecure  baby that wanted to run off and join Chicago Pd  making people dislike his character.       

it’s posted in the Millson tag because it’s supposed to be a millson graphic—peter mills watching dawson be happy with casey and being sad/upset about it. people have been taking it differently but my initial intention was for it to be an ~unrequited~ edit. however, i 100% agree with what you’re saying about hallie/mills.

Okay so everything you make is beautiful and makes me love Chicago Fire even more


aw, thank you so much!!! this made my day <333

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